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COVID Reopening

Our GMS COVID Reopening

Plans & Documents

Click HERE or on the above image to access our GMS Reopening Plan (Spring 2021)

A Letter from Mr. Pechinsky

Please CLICK BELOW for letter:

Return to In-Person Learning Hybrid Presentations

GMS Administration Presentation to Parents - Click HERE to View

In this presentation presented by our GMS Administration viewers will obtain information about all aspects of our students return to in person learning.

Presentation #1 - Click HERE to View

In this presentation our Assistant Principal Mr. Arlington explains our new Hybrid learning schedule, the scheduling times, sample schedule, student return to school dates and classroom assignments.

Presentation #2 - Click HERE to View

In Mr. Arlington's presentation 2 he explains our building safety routines and requirements for students. These include: arrival & dismissal, masking, hand washing, and leaving the classroom.

Presentation #3 - Click HERE to View

In our last of 3 reopening presentations Mr. Arlington explains our student resources and support staff as well as the supplies that will be provided and required for students. Also he discusses student IDs, uniforms, and transportation. 


New HYBRID Learning Schedules for our Students Starting Monday March 22, 2021
Please Click on the provided links below for Grade Level Schedules

Grade 6 - CLICK HERE for 6th Grade HYBRID Learning Schedules

Grade 7- CLICK HERE for 7th Grade HYBRID Learning Schedules

Grade 8 CLICK HERE for 8th Grade HYBRID Learning Schedules


Student CLASSROOM Assignments:

6th Sharks     7th Cyclones     8th Owls  
6S 333   7C 417   8O 433
6H 335   7Y 416   8W 439
6A- Remote Class 310   7L- Remote Class 418   8L- Remote Class 437
6R 334   7O 421   8SS 432
6th Tides     7th Knights     8 Eagles  
6T 338   7K- Remote Class 420   8E 422
6I- Remote Class 330   7N 414   8A 423
6D 337   7I 413   8G 424
6E 339   7G 415   8LL- Remote Class 419
6th Specials     7th Specials     8th Specials  
6 ELL Class 324   7 ELL Class 427   8 ELL Class 436



Click HERE or on the image above for our GMS Remote Learning Expectations

Our RPS 2020-2021 Student Handbook & Policies

Click HERE or on the image above for our District Student Handbooks




Meet our GMS Support staff by clicking HERE or on the image below. If you are looking to contact our Counselors' Office please use the following email: [email protected]